Our Story

What we are all about

Mission and Vision

The idea of ZAKK was born in Dubai, conceptualized and created by technology enthusiasts who are driven by creativity and innovation. With an aesthetic design and precision driven performance, our mission is to transform the landscape of the consumer electronics industry.

Technology is constantly evolving and as we always strive to revolutionize our products everyday. Enjoying technology should not be expensive and complicated. That is why our main focus is based on providing our customers with the latest technology at an affordable price. ZAKK’s concept was created on the idea that a single company could cater to the demand of the majority at a reasonable price whilst not compromising on quality or customer satisfaction. As technology fans ourselves, we aim to use the latest state-of-the-art technology to create innovative and unique products.

The short-term vision of ZAKK is to gain the trust and loyalty of its consumers while the long-term vision is to create a durable global presence.

At ZAKK we understand that each market is different, that’s why our products and rates are constantly progressing to adapt. Through this process we aim to ensure that we can provide our entire range of products to our targeted market.

About Us

Our products start their life cycle in Croatia where our newest tech and Apps are conceived. It is during this process where our products are rigorously test for flaws before being passed on to our factories in China, India, South Korea or Taiwan for production and quality assurance. There our products are packaged and shipped across the globe directly to our certified vendors.

The ZAKK brand first began its venture in India, dominating the online market through various portals. Once the concept had been proven, numerous E-commerce gateways in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran swiftly adopted the brand moving it one step closer towards the goal of being a global brand.

Fitmate is ZAKKs own original fitness brand. All of our Fitmate products are specialized to the fitness community. From fitness health bands to smart watches, these products offer any athlete at any level, the means and the data necessary to take their performance forward in order to reach their fitness goals.

Between the Years of 2014 - 16 we have managed to catalog over a 100 products under the ZAKK brand. These products have ranged from wearable devices such as Smart Watches, Health Bands, Bluetooth Devices – headphones/earphones and speakers to Projectors, Virtual Reality Headsets, Power Banks and Storage Devices with sales reaching India, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

As a company we are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand and grow to achieve our goal of being a global leader in the consumer electronic industry.