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Fully wireless, the comfortable Zakk Hunter headphones connect to any Bluetooth device, like your phone or tablet. Patented, small-speaker technology delivers exeptional bass and crisp tones, both quiet and loud. Additional features include a built-in microphone with noise-cancelling technology, built-in SD card reader, playback controls, and even an FM radio. Your commute, work, or leisure just got a whole lot more enjoyable! Even between charges, and as a back-up, a regular AUX audio cable is included.

Main Features

• Fully wireless, comfortable, high quality headphones
• Connect to any Bluetooth device
• Built-in microphone with noise-cancelling technology
• Playback controls, FM radio
• Built-in SD card reader


• Bluetooth 4.0
•10 meter Bluetooth connectivtiy range
• Battery capacity 300 mAh
• Operate Time 4 hours
• Support: bluetooth, FM radio, AUX in, SD card, hands-free talk built in
• Charging time approximately 3 hours

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